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    For all Level 6 Candidates - if you are part way through undertaking the Level 6 with us you must get in touch with us to state that you want to complete by the 15th of June 2022.

    If you do not do this you will not be able to complete the qualification, as we have received notification from SEG Awards (formerly ABC Awards) that they have decided to withdraw the current Level 6 Certificate and Diploma in Arboriculture. This a recent announcement – we have more information on this and the new Accredited Training Programme here: https://www.treelifeac.co.uk/page/news.

    If you are starting your course after September 2020, please go to our new portal: http://treelifetraining.co.uk/ 

    To all our continuing candidates, welcome to the portal you know!

    To find your course please login and go to the right hand side under navigation and go to 'My courses' 

  • Customer Notice

    Tree Life, as I am sure you can imagine, has been following the news with everyone else about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and having tried to do our best to keep classes running safely it has now come to that time when we are moving most of our classes online for the time being. 

    We have contacted individuals on our classes giving them the most up to date information and status of their particular class and so everyone should be aware as to where they stand however if you have any questions at any time please contact Keely on 07773132009

    your tutors are still available by phone and email and as far as Tree Life is concerned each planned session is a college day therefore take the opportunity to work on assignments as opposed to going into work

    Stay safe and let’s make the best of the unprecedented situation between us.

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This website is designed for Tree Life Candidates while they undertake their studies with us. 

For our Company website please go to www.treelifeac.co.uk

For information about this site please contact Keely on 01162606939/07773132009 or keely@treelifeac.co.uk

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